What is the premise behind this book?
I wanted to create a story using some of the storyline and lore from Everquest 2, with a personal
touch. The world of Norrath is enormous with a rich history. Sometimes when people are rushing to the
"endgame," they don't take the time to appreciate the journey it takes to get there. I am just trying to
give them a taste of what's out there.

Why a Web Comic?
I have always wanted to make a comic, since the days of Underroos. Growing up, I soon realized that I
wasn't going to make it as an artist and abandoned the idea of making comics. When I got older,
I realized that I missed using my imagination. When I came up with the idea of screen shots from a game for
a web comic, I jumped right in.

Why Everquest 2?
I had been playing Everquest for two years. When I decided that I wanted to do a Web comic, Everquest 2
became the perfect choice for me.

Do I have to like Everquest 2 to enjoy this Comic?
Not necessarily. My goal is to make a book that is accessible to everyone, whether they play EQ2 or not.
I do have many easter eggs in the book for people that do play the game, but hopefully people can still
enjoy Jeriah without having to even know what Everquest is.

Do I have to like Comics to enjoy this comic?
I hope that people that don't particularly like comics, but play EQ2 can also enjoy the comic, since I have many of the same themes they will see from the game, including some major quest lines and familiar faces.